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Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
, at virginia tech. >> give me john hinckley. >> john hinckley as well. was a problem. >> john hinckley. >> john hinckley as well. and if there is some way that we can in fact begin to address that issue, and i think that's where common ground can occur here, and there he could make some significant process -- progress. and again, when you take a look at some of these situations, i mean, the person clearly was troubled. and there's a real opportunity there. >> how do you stop a guy who wants to shoot his mother to get her guns? that is the sickest part of this. but it's hard to put a sign on a guy that says he don't give this guy a gun, i don't care how you identify him, if he's willing to shoot his mother. your thoughts. i'm being grossly -- gross here, but this is the horrible case. how do you stop a person with some mental ability from doing something really, really bad? blake, what can the president do on guns to give himself a point in the history books? >> well, i'll tell you, the first thing is, just because something, you know -- a measure can't solve every single gun c
Dec 26, 2012 7:30pm PST
future. anyone know that is? exactly. hinckley was a 26-year-old male who tried to assassinate president reagan. he tried to gain the affection of jodie foster. he pled insanity and images were used for the very first time in this case. they used to support the diagnosis that he was psychotic. he heard voices, hallucinations, delusions. the images at the time or something called -- we know that it is not diagnostic now. it is a risk faster -- factor. you are more likely to develop these types of illnesses. but he was found insane based on this information and sentenced to an insane asylum. he has now been released, starting in 2009, to a thousand -- 2010. he is well treated and managed. they told me i had to go away faster. if you happen to have schizophrenia or you hear voices or hallucinations, it is with 99% certainty that i can show that your brain is different. if you have schizophrenia -- just pretend. what do you see that is different? these areas are much different, much more engaged. you might see there is a lot more blue as well in this map. look at this area. it is v
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Dec 18, 2012 1:00pm EST
blossoms into a national debate on gun control both sides are bringing upjohn hinckley's sags nation attempt on president reagan and president reagan's position on guns after that happen. today michael reagan explains, well he explores long-held myths about his father's stand in must-see interview. this is the first we heard from him since what happened on friday. we'll talk to a man who knows all too well the dangers of gun violence but what the solutions are, as you know, that's still a question. >>> as lawmakers focus on legislation after newtown we're hearing new heartwrenching stories of some of the people who helped survivors in moments after the attack including the smallest children. on friday morning gene rosen walked up to his house and discovered a group of 6-year-olds patiently standing on his driveway near the sandy hook elementary school. it wasn't until he brought them inside. comforted them, giving some of his grandchildren's stuffed animals and juice he learned exactly what they had been through. today gene rosen joins us live to explain what those children told him
Dec 18, 2012 2:00am EST
isn't just -- this is like john hinckley who wanted to do something to impress jodie foster. you know, we've had political assassins who have done terrible things for the middle east like sirhan sirhan or lee harvey oswald did it because he's in love with castro. there's all kinds of motives, but then you get into the mentally ill people who are moved by the things your kids or my kids might say they rough you up, but they don't really change you, like video games. how do we put it together and do something as americans? >> well, i think it's a must, and let me say, chris, that you're right, both governor malloy has been outstanding, the first responders, the community. the support from all across the nation, the calls that are coming in for members. something has changed here. the slaughter of the innocents and the frailty of these kids. the poignancy of it all i think is resonating in a way that usually doesn't inside the beltway, and i think you're right that it has to be a comprehensive approach that certainly includes guns and mental health and violence, and there's no shortage o
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Dec 7, 2012 1:00am PST
the richie jody foster he would be john hinckley. he he has got to back off. i'm worried about him. >> bill: well, he does believe that the system is rigged, mcguirk, and that he has got to make it more fair to those who don't have anything. let's give mcguirk the last word and pray that we are not arrested. >> let me say, this bill. for us political junkies, the election was like injecting heroin. this fiscal cliff debate is like drinking non-alcohol beer with elephant urine. it's just -- and that's why nobody knows about it. if we don't care about it, the average snow in the schmo in the street that jesse watters is going to interview he doesn't give a damn about it we have got to stop. put your hands up we lost. >> bill: it's so important. thanks very much. factor tip of the day. another web site where you might get some money. the tip 60 seconds away. >> everybody wins. now the west. john from las vegas. from illinois. steve from new jersey. >> that's for sure, steve. thanks for pointing it out. from dayton, ohio. from massachusetts.
Dec 27, 2012 2:00pm PST
giffords, at virginia tech. >> gif me john hinckley. >>hinkley? >> john hikley, as well. and there he can make some significant process. when you look at some of these situations, the person clearly was troubled. >> now how do you stop a guy that wants to shoot his mother to get her guns. it's hard to put a sign on this. your thoughts? i'm being gross here, but this is a horrible case. how do you stop a person with some mental ability for doing something really, really bad? what can the president do on guns? >> well, i'll tell you, the first thing is just because something, you know, a measure can't solve every single gun case doesn't mean we should impose those measure. one is to close the gun show loophole. 40% of guns are purchased at gun shows where there are no background checks required. if we tighten that up, i think that will stop -- >> why do we have to have gun shows? it's an oxymoron. what's a gun show? let me get back to david on iran. i think we're going to be united at the time we to have to make a decision. i think we're going to decide that they're weaponizing. >> i ag
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm PST
, at virginia tech. >> give me john hinckley. something on limiting the size of these magazines, getting them down to, say, five or so bullets. willing to go after what feinstein's pushing, dianne feinstein, something on assault weapons. is there something he can go for and win? because it seems to me losing will not get him any points. your thoughts. first of all, david. >> well, i mean, i think he's clearly sort of announced that's the direction he's going to go. look, when you have an event like this, look, i'm very pro second amendment, but when you see something like this occur it causes you to really think through in terms of your beliefs do you continue to hold those beliefs given what happened? i still do. but i think there's -- and obviously the president's going to go a different direction -- >> what's the smart move, snow the magazine size? i'm being grossly -- gross here, but this is the horrible case. how do you stop a person with some mental ability from doing something really, really bad? blake, what can the president do on guns to give himself a point in the hist
Dec 20, 2012 3:00am PST
. elizabeth's handling john hinckley among others, who were in there for similar reasons. >> what he referred to were the bullets hinckley used that day. reagan supported gun control three times in his public career. once as a governor and twice as president. the problem for some people with -- because he wrote that in '91, but by the time the assault weapons ban became part of the crime bill in 1984, it had been -- there was a lot of stuff done, midnight basketball and midnight crafts. you had economic conservatives and people when it went down to defeat in august of 1994 is that some 55 members, democrats, including the entire black caucus, opposed it for various reasons. >> that's because it was a tough on crime bill. i was the author of the brady law and the assault weapons ban. the liberals didn't like it. we said we wanted to be tough on punishment, smart on prevention and the left didn't like it. it was a centrist bill. the far right didn't like it because of the gun stuff and the far left didn't like it but it passed. it's the kind coalition we might be -- >> but the problem
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Dec 18, 2012 8:00am PST
reagan administration i believe, correct? >> yes, yes. jon: ronald reagan was shot by john hinckley, jr., a mentally unstable man who thought he would win the attention of jodie foster, the actress by doing that. are the media part of the problem here? >> well, i mean i'm not an expert but as you mentioned the american psychological association, which presumably are experts, they said exactly this. they said that this is a media copycatting situation and they pleaded to not publicize the situation at least of the killer in virginia tech back in 2007. and frankly that advice or that suggestion wasn't even heeded. it was so badly heeded in fact that the media not only identified the killer, they identified the wrong killer. they got the killer's brother. i can remember back in 1999, in the columbine case, jon, you and i, all three of us were at fox at the time, there was a lot of movement said don't mention the names of the killers. you didn't, showed their pictures, not their names. don't give them credit. that was a good point. a lot of us tried to adhere to that. completely lost in thi
Dec 17, 2012 6:00am PST
when hinckley ride to kill president reagan. that took seven years to pass. we had an assault weapons ban that passed at about that time, had a ten-year life as a statute and not a consensus to reauthorize it. that's why i think what the president said last night is so important because i think he was saying he wants -- he's committed to doing something about violence in our society and in this second term. it is why i'm proposing a commission to make -- once you appointed commission, they hold hearings. they talk to people. eventually they produce a report with recommendations. that's some small guarantee we won't walk away from this. >> i think when people listen to that and say that's great, you want to point a commission and we will talk about these things. oftentimes, nothing comes of it. i want to ask you about the nra because the nra remained silent on this issue. we haven't heard word one. facebook page is down. why do you think that is? why isn't the nra coming out and standing up for itself when so many out there are blaming the nra for what happened in newtown, connecticut?
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Dec 19, 2012 9:20am EST
day was the crazies came out. and remember, you have -- john hinckley got six shots off with a pistol before anybody stopped, four hit targets, two went astray, but he was able to infact wounds into four people that were there that day -- in fact inflict wounds into four people that were there that day. again, you cannot stop the crazies. you have to understand these things happen in the world we live in today. and one of the other issues that's starting to come out if you are a parent and you have a child that's 18 years of age or older, there's really nothing out there to help you. you can't really do anything without a court order and they are tough to get as a court order to put your child away or put your child someplace because at 18 they are seen as an adult. stuart: there is also the issue of privacy between a person and their therapist, psychological therapist, if you will, what goes on in those meetings with a psychologist or psychiatrist, stays private unless you're making a threat against a specific person. it stays private. so there's not much that the police can do about
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> my name is kate hinckley, i'm here to give a voice to my baby sister, kirsten, who was killed when she was 15 at charlie square in salt lake city. >> i'm carolyn tuft, my daughter kirsten was killed in salt lake city. and i was also seriously injured in 2007. >> my name is peter reed, i'm here, again, as i was in april, because of my daughter, mary. she was shot and killed in her french class on the campus of virginia tech on april 16, 2007. >> my name is casey, my little brother, derrek was riddled with bullets on september 8, 2001 new york sacramento, california. -- in sacramento, california. >> my name is paul mauser, i'm the father of paul maus -- of daniel mauser who was killed in the massacre at columbine high school. >> my name is paul wilson. my beautiful wife christy lyn wilson, 26 years, was cowardly shot and killed in california, onth 12, 2011. -- october 12, 2011. >> i'm andre, i am father of bear. my son miraculously survived the shooting, he was in the line of fire. i am here not to represent the entire town, i am here just on my own accord. >> obviously the town that
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
for jim brady who was shot by john hinckley during an attempt on president reagan's life in 1981. the national rifle association will hold a news conference friday. one week after the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> fence secretary leon panetta urged congress to reach a compromise -- defense secretary leon panetta urged congress to reach a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. defense programs with members of the house and senate armed services committee. tomorrow, a senate panel looked at credit reports and consumer access to home loans and other financial products. watch live coverage from a banking subcommittee on consumer protection. at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c- span3. deputy secretary of state william byrnes will testify this week about the 9/11 attacks on the u.s. mission in benghazi, live thursday at 1:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> remarks from defense secretary leon panetta at the national press club. secretary panetta talked about the federal budget, de
Dec 31, 2012 4:30pm EST
. navy, monroeville. commander job w. price, u.s. navy, potts town. major wesley james hinckley, united states army, cumberland city. i yield back to the senior senator. mr. casey: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senior senator from pennsylvania. mr. casey: i want to thank senator toomey for reading the first half of our names. i'll continue with 20 more names. sergeant derrick lee shanfield, united states marine corps, hastings, pennsylvania. sergeant first class robert james fike, united states army. sergeant first class brian allen hoover, united states army, west elizabeth. sergeant joseph davis caskey, united states marine corps, pittsburgh. lance corporal joshua thomas twigg, united states marine corps, be indiana. corporal joshua alexander hartin, united states army, bethlehem. lance corporal ralph john fabree, united states marine corps. staff sergeant david g. weigel, united states army, philadelphia, pennsylvania. corporal eric michael torbit, jr., united states marine corps, lancaster. corporal gerald lee king, united states army, eerie. sergeant robert curt
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)